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21 multifandom icons

I'm really sorry for being not very active as an icon maker, but I had very little time because of my finals at school.But now I'm officially a student, so I can spend more time on making icons (at least now).I'll,hopefully, start a new batch in September.For now here are some of my most recent icons.
21 icons: Harry Potter, Mulan, The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Stock, Kaya Scondelario, Emma Watson, Candice Accola Television/Movie
Harry Potter,Mulan,The Vampire Diaries,Charmed
Kaya Scondelario,Emma Watson,Candice Accola
 0   19-21

Rules: 1. Do NOT repost, steal, claim as your own, edit or use to create your own fanart.
2. Please comment if taking & credit when using. 3. Do NOT hotlink. 4. Enjoy!

Tags: celeb: candice accola, emma watson, harry potter, kaya scondelario, movie: mulan, prue halliwell, stock icons, tv: charmed, tv: the vampire diaries, type: animated icons, type: icons
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